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Prison Break Fic Exchange Version 2.0

Prison Break Fic Exchange (version 2.0)
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Banner by lady_iz

This is Version 2.0 of the Prison Break Fic Exchange.

The community will offer Fic Exchanges periodically, where authors who want to participate can offer to anonymously write a story based on another author's specification. Participating authors will also be able to specify a story they'd like to have written for them.

All entries will initially be posted anonymously, with their prompts and "written for" information. Once all entries in a given exchange session have been posted, there will be guessing games and an Author Reveal post.

The community was formed because its predecessor, pbficexchange, went dormant mid-exchange and no-one was able to rescue the community and continue the exchange process.

We welcome readers as well as authors-- anyone who is interested is invited to join, even if you write Prison Break fiction but aren't sure you'd ever (or always) want to partipate in an exchange!

Please make yourselves at home. :)

Credits: Layout by palebird (sligthly customized). Many thanks to scribblecat for the pretty black and white banner.

Contact: the Mods at pbfic.exchange @ gmail.com

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