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The Age of (Un)reason

Originally posted by clair_de_lune at The Age of (Un)reason
Oyez, oyez
Hear Ye, hear ye!

Seven years ago, on August 29th, the very first episode of Prison Break aired on TV. Now, we have a quiet - a very, very quiet - fandom, but isn't a birthday the best time to celebrate? (That question is rhetorical; the answer is yes *g*)

In order to do so, you're cordially invited to post in uncuffmybrother anything Prison Break-ish, let's say for seven days between August 29th and September 4th. Anything. It can be a fic or a drabble, a rec, a prompt, a pic, a picspam, a rant, fond memories, a 'top' of anything from favorite characters to favorite episodes to favorite snarky Kellerman's quotes. Anything Prison Break-ish is fair game.

Prison Break is seven year-old: if you manage to include in your contribution the number seven, you'll get a virtual origami crane.
Seven favorite scenes, seven favorite fics, seven favorite minor characters, seven ways for Michael to visit the infirmary, seven places our heroes visited after the end of the show (non-epilogue compliant FTW!!), seven times Michael tried to tell something to Lincoln, the seventh birthday of Michael Jr., the seventh anniversary of Michael and Sara's wedding, seven times Sucre called Michael Papi...

Post your contribution directly in uncuffmybrother or link to a post in your personal journal. If you link to an entry in your personal LJ, do not friend-lock it so that everyone can access it ;)
If possible, please do wait until August 29th to start posting.

*blows out candles*

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