Genevieve (msgenevieve) wrote in pbfic_exchange2,

The Big Reveal - Round Seven

The time has come to whisk back the curtain and reveal who wrote what for whom in Round Seven.

So, without further ado, here are the authors and their stories, listed in the order in which they were posted. Enjoy!

And She Was (Michael/Sara) was written by darkwriter69

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You (Lincoln, LJ/Bill Compton, Michael/LJ) was written by miss_mandy

World Upside-Down (Alex/Pam) was written by wrldpossibility

As Told To Me by Alex Mahone (Michael/Mahone) was written by tuesdaeschild

Grace (Lincoln, Lincoln/Veronica) was written by putu2sleep

Prodigal Father (Michael/Sara, Frank Tancredi) was written by linzi20

Latency (Michael, Christina, Lincoln, Michael/Sara) was written by rosie_spleen

Digging in the Dirt (Lincoln, Derek) was written by msgenevieve

End/Beginning (Self, Michael, Mahone, Michael/Mahone) was written by cerebel

Love in the Time of Chaos (Alex/Michael) was written by michele659

When the Faithless Ante-Up (Lincoln, Sara, Michael, Michael/Sara) was written by badboy_fangirl

Ceremonies (Michael/Sara) was written by jaybee65

Forgiveness (Michael, Henry, Michael/Sara) was written by recycledfaery

Lincoln Was Never Good At Hide and Seek (Because He Never Really Found Michael) (Michael/Lincoln) was written by niektete

Time after Time (Michael/Sara) was written by poisonshades (formerly known as chicago21)

Christmas Surprises (Lincoln, Sara, Michael/Sara) was written by lizparker06

Circadian Rhythm (Michael/Lincoln) was written by morphinelovexx

Illusions of Safety (Caroline Reynolds, Samantha Brinker, Kellerman, Steadman) was written by clair_de_lune

Healing Waters (Michael/Sara) was written by snowwhite22

The Appointment (Michael, Lincoln, Doctor Brighton) was written by pemphredouk

The Dark Patches Fall (Michael, Lincoln) was written by foophile

So. How did you do with your guessing?

To everyone who read the stories as they were posted, thank you very much!

Thanks so much to all the authors who participated! You all did a wonderful job and we can't thank you enough for making our first time running this shindig a pleasurable task. You are now free to run wild and post your stories in your own journals and wherever else you'd like to post them. And now that we all know who wrote our stories, we can thank them in person in this thread, because nothing makes authors happier than being thanked for writing stuff, right? *g*

See you next time!
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