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Round 5 Sign-up time!

Bumping up, because the sign-up deadline is approaching! Monday's the last day, folks!

I've got to get on this, so that there will be a decent amount of writing time beforehand. In other words, I've got to finish Round 5 before my Summer Vacation and get all the fics/Reveal posted up!

If you're interested in participating this next round, the sign-up information is below. Remember, you are expected to write your assigned fic on time, preferrably without me nagging! We did pretty well last round, with some 40 authors originally signed up and only two failures to deliver. But I'm hoping it'll be less of a headache this time around. Here we go:

First, in thinking about what you'd like someone to write for you, I have some requests:

1) Try to leave some options other than porn (!), and a broad range of ratings. I.e., at least PG-13 as the bottom rating, even for romance/sexiness.
2) If you request a threesome, please leave a non-threesome choice. There have been threesome requests in each of the last three rounds, but we haven't wound up with a threesome fic. Many of us just can't or won't write that. You might get lucky, but... please leave other options.
3) Anybody/LJ as a sexual pairing is hard to find a writer for. Please leave another options.
4) Sometimes, people leave a ton of choices of characters/pairings/prompts or story genres. Basically, they're not picky! Those prompts are much easier to place.

Please think about your prompts (what you'd like written for you), and if you're interested in participating, please leave me the following in the comments below:

LJ username:
Email address:
Are you over 18?:
Rating of fic you'd like:
Rating of fic you'd be willing to write:
Character(s)/Pairing you'd like:
Character(s)/Pairing(s) you WILL NOT write:
Genre of fic you'd like:
Three elements/lines/objects/themes you’d like:
Are you willing to be a back-up writer?

The comments will be screened, so that only the co-mods and I have the super-secret info.

For what you WILL NOT write, please try to be as specific as possible. For instance, if you would write T-Bag but not "T-Bag sexing on anyone" or "T-Bag killing/torturing anyone" then please list the more specific won't-write info. There's a lot of T-Bag opportunity (and a lot of people who can write him well, probably including you) so long as the scenario doesn't squick you too much. If you will write Slash but not Michael/Lincoln or Lincoln/LJ, Michael/LJ, LJ/anybody, etc, please list just those under the "Will not write" rather than "Slash" in general. If you will write Het but not Michael/Sara or Veronica/anybody (seriously, I get one of those every round), same thing.

I've had a few authors with virtually nothing on their "will-not-write" lists. Such authors are like gold!

Remember that this is a secret exchange, which means that only I know the assignments and only I post them up (that helps keep them secret). You won’t know who’s writing your fic until the reveal of all fic authors at the end.

Sign ups will run from today, April 21 through Monday, April 30th. Prompts should be sent out for authors by Saturday, May 5 at the latest.

Authors, if you know someone who might be interested in writing for this one, plz poke them to join immediately. :)

Try not to procrastinate until the end (there is no penalty for early completion—just email it to if you're done). For the love of Michael Scofield, please start right away and plan to finish early!

Fics are due back to me, at my email address by Sunday, July 1.

For those of you in school, this should give some time to either write early, or after Finals/etc.

Please everyone, get your fics done in time! And I will post them in time too, no matter what. ;)

Questions? Email me at halfshellvenus @ livejournal dot com.

Sign up, pimp, and tell your friends!

In addition, I need some additional moderator offers. At some point, I'm going to have to hand over this community, and I'd like to find some candidates and have time to bring them up to speed!

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