April 28th, 2007


Round 5 Sign-up time!

Bumping up, because the sign-up deadline is approaching! Monday's the last day, folks!

I've got to get on this, so that there will be a decent amount of writing time beforehand. In other words, I've got to finish Round 5 before my Summer Vacation and get all the fics/Reveal posted up!

If you're interested in participating this next round, the sign-up information is below. Remember, you are expected to write your assigned fic on time, preferrably without me nagging! We did pretty well last round, with some 40 authors originally signed up and only two failures to deliver. But I'm hoping it'll be less of a headache this time around. Here we go:

Collapse )

Sign up, pimp, and tell your friends!

In addition, I need some additional moderator offers. At some point, I'm going to have to hand over this community, and I'd like to find some candidates and have time to bring them up to speed!