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Christmas Gift Thingie at UncuffMyBrother

uncuffmybrother is holding a Christmas gift thingie. Easy as pie:

1) Go here to request and/or offer something between now and December 18th. Fic, fanart, rec list, picspam... Any genre, any pairing. Whatever strikes your fancy.
2) Post and enjoy between December 18th and January 1st.
3) That's all, folks. You don't have to offer something to request something - though filling a request would be nice ;) - and vice-versa.

Of course, feel free to pimp this :)
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The Age of (Un)reason

Originally posted by clair_de_lune at The Age of (Un)reason
Oyez, oyez
Hear Ye, hear ye!

Seven years ago, on August 29th, the very first episode of Prison Break aired on TV. Now, we have a quiet - a very, very quiet - fandom, but isn't a birthday the best time to celebrate? (That question is rhetorical; the answer is yes *g*)

In order to do so, you're cordially invited to post in uncuffmybrother anything Prison Break-ish, let's say for seven days between August 29th and September 4th. Anything. It can be a fic or a drabble, a rec, a prompt, a pic, a picspam, a rant, fond memories, a 'top' of anything from favorite characters to favorite episodes to favorite snarky Kellerman's quotes. Anything Prison Break-ish is fair game.

Prison Break is seven year-old: if you manage to include in your contribution the number seven, you'll get a virtual origami crane.
Seven favorite scenes, seven favorite fics, seven favorite minor characters, seven ways for Michael to visit the infirmary, seven places our heroes visited after the end of the show (non-epilogue compliant FTW!!), seven times Michael tried to tell something to Lincoln, the seventh birthday of Michael Jr., the seventh anniversary of Michael and Sara's wedding, seven times Sucre called Michael Papi...

Post your contribution directly in uncuffmybrother or link to a post in your personal journal. If you link to an entry in your personal LJ, do not friend-lock it so that everyone can access it ;)
If possible, please do wait until August 29th to start posting.

*blows out candles*



List of people offering Prison Break fic or art for auction for the Queensland floods, either at waltzmatildah or qldfloodauction:

Auction closing on Sunday 23rd January 11.59PM (Australian Eastern Daylights Savings Time)
(Hurry up!)

abvj: bidding thread (fic)
badboy_fangirl: bidding thread (fic)
halfshellvenus: bidding thread (fic)


Auction closing on Wednesday 26th January 11:59pm (Australian Eastern Daylights Savings Time)
(You still have a bit of time to bid.)

clair_de_lune: bidding thread (fic)
msgenevieve: bidding thread (fic)
scribblecat: bidding thread (art)
youaredriving: bidding thread (fic)

Feel free to comment to let me know if I forgot an offering.
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"Did you enjoy your meal? Let us know!"

Well, another Prison Break Fic Exchange has come and gone, and wrldpossibility and clair_de_lune and I hope all participants and readers and lurkers found the experience a challenging/interesting/enjoyable one.

This post is for all of you - participants and readers and lurkers - to tell us what you liked and what you think could be improved upon. Do you have any suggestions regarding signups? Assignments? The time allowed to write your stories? Anything that came into your head while it was happening and made you think, "Hmmm, I really must email one of those mods and talk to them about this"?

The buck still stops with the Evil Overlords Mods, of course, but this community is a group endeavour, and we'd like to know what you think. *g* We hope you all feel comfortable enough to post under your usual usernames, but anon posting is allowed, too.

So. Have at it!
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The Big Reveal - Round Seven

The time has come to whisk back the curtain and reveal who wrote what for whom in Round Seven.

So, without further ado, here are the authors and their stories, listed in the order in which they were posted. Enjoy!

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So. How did you do with your guessing?

To everyone who read the stories as they were posted, thank you very much!

Thanks so much to all the authors who participated! You all did a wonderful job and we can't thank you enough for making our first time running this shindig a pleasurable task. You are now free to run wild and post your stories in your own journals and wherever else you'd like to post them. And now that we all know who wrote our stories, we can thank them in person in this thread, because nothing makes authors happier than being thanked for writing stuff, right? *g*

See you next time!
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Guessing Post for Round 7

All the fics have now been posted, so you all know what that means...let the guessing begin!

This is the thread to do just that, so don't be shy! Read any entries you may have missed, reference the list of writers below, and take your best shot at who wrote what! Have fun!



Writers, wait for the reveal to let readers know whether they were right or wrong!

"The Dark Patches Fall", for clair_de_lune

Title: The Dark Patches Fall
Author: To Be Revealed
Rating: PG
Category: Drama, General, Pre-Series
Characters: Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows
Requested by: clair_de_lune
Summary: When Michael’s world is shaken, he remembers the importance of family.
Author’s Note: The prompt was for gen or slash including a choice, a pair of gloves, and a snowstorm. The cabin was a request thrown in for taste. I hope this is to your liking.

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"The Appointment", for skybelpb

Title: The Appointment
Author: To Be Revealed
Rating: PG-13 for language
Category: Gen, pre-series
Requested by: darkwriter69
Pairing/Characters: Michael, Lincoln, Dr Brighton, mentions of Veronica
Summary: An appointment looms....
Author's Notes: For darkwriter69, who wanted the brothers' teenaged years to be explored (especially with regard to their time with foster parents and how it has affected their lives) with the elements/themes of drug paraphernalia, alcohol and the line, "Don't tell me to talk about my shit to Doc Brighton, Linc, when all you do to escape is get hammered or high!"

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"Healing Waters", for poisonshades

Title: Healing Waters
Author: To be revealed
Rating: PG-13
Category: Darkfic, Angst
Characters: Michael/Sara
Requested by: poisonshades
Summary: Takes place after “Greatness Achieved” during Season 4. The crew finalizes details on another mission to rescue Scylla, Sara remembers her time and torture in Panama at the hands of the Company and leans on Michael.
Author's Notes: Written for poisonshades. She wanted Michael/Sara, darkfic or angst, and requested three things: the line "Why are you doing this?", rain, and a gunshot.

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